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I’ll admit it.


I’m NOT a DIY Diva.

In spite of my attempts to become a super DIY homemaker like Martha and keep all of the plates beautifully spinning in the air at one time, it is pretty clear that I actually can’t do it all, all by myself.

So many places we turn to for hope and inspiration for creating a beautiful home end up luring us to believe we should be able to achieve a more “Pinterest-worthy” magazine-cover existence through a try-harder and do-more life.

I definitely get inspired by all the possibilities, but fall short in the execution.

In the unsuccessful pursuit of trying to do it all and create the perfect home and life of my dreams, I lose sight of my real priorities. I end up defeated and discouraged.

Can you relate?

Are you tired of chasing an image of the perfect life at home?

If you want hope of a balanced yet still beautiful life, we may be kindred spirits.

A reader shared this with me after reading NOT a DIY Diva:

I just finished it! (I am a super fast reader!) it TOTALLY calmed down all the craziness in my brain.  Like I literally feel so much better! Melissa, this book is going to touch so many people’s lives. I loved every word of it. There is a feeling of spirituality that comes from it which I totally love. Like a fantastic old friend reminding you that you are good enough.

And another reader emailed this:

Melissa, you have helped me more than you could imagine. Your words have given me moments of inner peace. This feeling has been foreign for so long. I want to thank you, for now I can begin the process of living true to myself… Thank you so much.

This book gently challenges you to alter your perspective and state of mind to what it takes to create a beautiful home.

From overcoming the obstacles of unrealistic expectations and misplaced priorities to cultivating simple ways to find beauty and stay content even on a limited budget of time and money, this book will inspire you to nurture an authentic life and home.

NOT a DIY Diva will inspire you to seek authenticity in this image-obsessed world and to find contentment and beauty in the imperfect life and home you have.

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Book was just released in PDF form on Tuesday October 25! Hot off the presses!

To buy the printable pdf version of this book for just $3.99, click the add to cart button below!

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Want to download a sample page from the book? Click here.

Disclosure: This book is a neatly re-organized and re-written pretty package of the past four years of blogging at The Inspired Room. Read the full disclosure here.