Since the summer of 2007 at The Inspired Room blog, I have encouraged and motivated women to seek simple beauty, embrace authenticity and find contentment in the imperfect home they have.

This encouraging and inspiring little e-book, NOT a DIY Diva, captures the honest, thought-provoking, realistic and sometimes humorous message of The Inspired Room blog in an easy-to-follow, pretty little package.

Full disclosure: This ebook is not all new material, just a fresh new and easier way to experience it.  You can find variations of most of this content by digging through the four years of archives at The Inspired Room and searching for articles I have contributed to other sites. But honestly, it took me quite awhile to find the most relevant content and put it together in this clear, cohesive and edited format. And I am the one who wrote it all in the first place! Blogs are awesome, but they are not always easy to read or follow via archives.

So while you can find a good portion of the general and original content on my blog for free, and you are more than welcome to do so at your own leisure, I feel this e-book is the best and most efficient way to read and enjoy the content. It is fun, it is cute and much better organized! And you’ll be able to enjoy it at your leisure.

The effort I put into redesigning my message is my gift to you to make it easier to follow. This ebook also allows you to introduce your friends and family to the message of NOT a DIY Diva through my affiliate program.

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