“Melissa has a way of making you feel as if she’s sharing some of her life’s biggest lessons over a cup of coffee in her living room.  NOT a DIY Diva, is an approachable and easy to read book, yet with each page, you want to linger and savor truths that will simplify and allow you to enjoy your authentic life.  She encourages women to embrace their unique story and give room for it in their homes, to take risks in decorating and to be okay with imperfection.  This is a refreshing read and one that we know will speak to many who are “keepers of their homes.”"

~Chris Ann & Kristin from  LoveFeast Table


“Melissa Michaels guides her readers into both beauty and authenticity–a rare combination that leaves you feeling both more content and inspired. I read this book in one sitting and will return to it again and again.”

–Holley Gerth, Heart to Heart with Holley and author of the new book God’s Heart for You


“If you’ve ever thought you had to be a design expert – or independently wealthy – to have a beautiful, cozy, and happy home, this is the book for you. NOT A DIY DIVA is an engaging, helpful and inspiring read that will encourage you to embrace who you really are and the way you really live…and use your authentic self to create a warm, inviting space for your family to live, work and play.”

Meagan Francis, author of The Happiest Mom


“In the middle of picture perfect room reveals, endless project inspiration and women who seem to have it all together, NOT A DIY Diva is a refreshing {and needed} change. Melissa tackles heart-issues with her simple, beautiful, entertaining style. I highly encourage women of all ages to read it today!”

–Myra, creator of My Blessed Life blog and self-employed interior designer


“In the beautiful world of blogging, it is easy to find yourself inspired one minute and then discouraged the next by my your imperfect home that does not match up to magazine standards.  Melissa shares how to be authentic to who you are in how you decorate your home.  She gives tangible examples and tips on how to live simply so that you can enjoy your home and still have time to enjoy your life as well.  NOT a DIY Diva will remind you to look at the heart of the home first before the paint color on the walls.  Her timeless design sense and wisdom of the heart will encourage and inspire all who read.”

–Ashley Domestic Fashionista


“Like many moms, I am a busy mom who wears many hats.  Most days my home doesn’t look like a museum; it can feel like a mess.  I have found myself too many times longing for a house that is perfect and beautiful. Thank you Melissa for reminding me of where the true beauty is found, in the special moments and memories experienced inside. NOT a DIY Diva is a must read for all moms!”

–Ruth Schwenk, The Better Mom


“Melissa, with her warm and empathetic voice in NOT a DIY Diva, invites us to take a look at the reality of living authentically as a means to free us from our self-created snares of home beautification. She speaks with a wisdom and candor that immediately allows you to take a deep breath and start enjoying your home and your family TODAY. If you find yourself stuck in the cycle of wanting “more” for your home, but you keep running into “but, if only’s…,” you will find freedom by reading this book; A freedom that will ultimately lead to a more beautiful home.”

{darlene}, founder of the Fieldstone Hill blog and interior designer at Fieldstone Hill Design


“Melissa not only offers fresh inspiration for a beautiful living space, she does it with practicality, grace, and a put your feet up on the coffee table approach.”

–Jen @ 4tunate


“NOT a DIY Diva is the perfect book for makeovers…of the heart. After taking in every drop of her wisdom and wit, I can now say without hesitation that my home is beautiful. Not because I adorned it with many things of value but because it was already adorned with many things of value. Now I know the difference.  Melissa gave me more than advice in this book, she gifted me with time and memories. I’m forever grateful.”

–Amy Bayliss, Cajun Joie de Vivre


“Melissa’s simple approach to authentic living is inspiring and catching! Through her new ebook creation, NOT a DIY Diva, she encourages us to find our own way of homemaking, by not letting perfectionism get in the way. She shows, in a beautiful way, that hospitality matters and starts with us–in our homes, in the ways we show people we care, and in our attitudes toward others in our everyday lives.”

–Sandy Coughlin, creator of the Reluctant Entertainer blog and author of The Reluctant Entertainer book