Who is this book for?


This book is for you if:

1. You are a long-time follower or a new reader of The Inspired Room and would like to savor the best of The Inspired Room’s authentic living blog content in this neatly organized and easy to enjoy pretty little package.

2. You are seeking balance, authenticity and contentment at home in an image-driven, perfection-oriented, try-hard-to-keep-up life. Whether you are a DIY genius or NOT, you’ll find encouragement!

3. You are looking for fresh perspective, inspiration and motivation for homemaking and creating an authentically beautiful home.

4 You are like me — NOT a DIY Diva. You know you can’t do it all and need to find a more simple way of living beautifully.

5. You are addicted to Pinterest and need a support group.

6. You are just looking for something new to read during your morning coffee break. This is the perfect quick-inspiring-read that just might encourage you in unexpected ways.

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